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Q:There's a sudden upsurge of post-apocolyptic movies being made right now; tell me how you see the world ending?
JC:I feel there’s 2 distinct directions the world can go: either we eventually learn from mistakes and figure out the best form of governance and we can spend the remainder of earth's years having a nice time, philosophizing, spiritualizing, and exploring space… OR the entire world spirals into an overcrowded mess bordering on chaos, similar perhaps to parts of India but worst, and we’re all killing each other over water and air. Personally, I’ll try to spend my life fighting for option ‘A’… but seriously, probably on a Tuesday or early Wednesday, just before you’re getting excited for the weekend.
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GQ:Is your own death something that you think about a lot?
Albert:Not a great deal, but to die on a tour bus like that guy from Metallica who got squashed? Fuck that! Julian is terrified of flying, worse than me. I remember a hairy plane ride once where we had to dump our fuel because one of the engines was conking out.
GQ:I heard the Strokes have a rule: never fly in planes that seat less than eight.
Albert:Well, Julian and I used to watch this show called Behind The Music on VH1. It explained why certain bands argued and broke up, so we devised some stupid band rules to abide by. One was never fly in small planes, another was never have a manager who looks like a quiz-show host and the third was if half the band do drugs and the other half don't then you'll soon split up. So we all do drugs.
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Y2K:Thoughts on Albert Hammond Jr.’s album [Yours to Keep]?
JC:It’s great. He’s my bro and I’m rooting for him. I like the album a lot, I think it’s cool. When you’re in a band it’s kind of hard to bring stuff that five people agree on, but it’s cool because he wanted to do this, he wanted to do his own thing. I’ll tell you though, I don’t know how he does it, going straight from our tour to his tour, I think he’s gonna crash after this.
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Q:You’ve got a Twitter profile. Do you like having that contact with your fans and having them know what you’re doing or thinking?
Julian:It’s tricky. I mean, the whole Twitter thing, to be honest, I’m not such a fan. I mean, I think the idea is pretty cool, but there’s just some inherent vanity about it that’s kinda gross. As a struggling solo artist I feel like you gotta do it just to compete or you’re almost at a disadvantage or something, you know? I don’t recommend restaurants or talk about the movies I like necessarily - except for the MacGruber movie, which I saw, which I thought was funny - but anyway, my point is... (Laughs) That was an inside joke so I guess I shouldn’t have brought that up. But yeah, I mean, we talked about it with all the people I work with, and I just had a list of these weird random thoughts that I would never use for anything. So I just gave a list to [tour manager] Richard, who does the Twitter, and he just kinda posts them randomly. As well as like thanking cities when we play shows.
Q:Do you think it has blurred or demystified the boundaries between artists and their fans?
Julian:I think I still try to keep it slightly mystified. I mean, there are some artists, I think, who are like reality stars through Twitter, and that actually helps their career. I mean, the nature of reality television is not really... I guess they’re still mystified in the way that you want to live with them or see them or be their friend live, but I dunno; it’s a different thing.
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I just remembered I have this in my strokes folder, I think I stole it off a friend’s laptop a long time ago. No idea why its a video format not audio, but I uploaded it anyway because its one of my favourite Julian interviews, although I remember the first time I heard it his answer to the strokes question it hugely depressed me.

“My friend Tony can do better than him”

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